At the end of their two-year Foundation Program, Quest students create their personal "Question", to focus attention in a sustained and rigorous intellectual inquiry during the final two years.

Each student has the opportunity (and obligation) to shape their own education, and work closely with a faculty mentor to prepare their final Keystone Project.

I have the privilege of serving as a mentor to the following students:

Current Students

Justin Tryon (Class of 2015): How can computer science and mathematics inspire progress?

Brad Moote (Class of 2015): How can we program robots to have ethics?

Michelle Spencer (Class of 2016): How do I optimize the efficiency of a system?

Adam Parke (Class of 2016): How can mathematics be used to pursue adventure?

Andrew Laird (Class of 2017): How can machine learning be used to drive successful start-ups?

Former Students

Caleb Raible-Clark (Class of 2014): How can I identify and implement economic-environmental win-win solutions?