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Keystone Stress

I am a third year so I’m still a year away from the Keystone stress that appears closer the final block of your fourth year. At Quest we have to come up with a Question in our second year that will dictate the direction we decide to take academically. The Keystone project is an attempt […]

Where are they now? – Interview with Quest Alumna Jessica Pacunayen

Before coming to Quest, I was very curious as to what the graduates were doing, whether working, travelling or in graduate studies. I was nervous that the Quest degree would not be accepted, and that I would be wasting four years of my life. After experiencing the Quest program, and talking with many alumni, that fear […]

Geological Society of America Conference

Geological Society of America Conference This month was a special one for us earth science students here at Quest. The class to take was “Research in Earth and Environmental Sciences” with Steve Quane. This class allowed the students to focus on individual aspects of their own studies within these disciplines. The big draw for many of […]

Dragons in Squamish

Dragon boating has been a bit of a roll reversal for me. I spent the summer river guiding on the San Juan in Utah with an organization that specializes in bringing youth on the river, teaching them both how to enjoy nature while respecting it and how to do things like paddle. But these first […]

First Years

I remember this time last year: everything was new, Quest was no longer an abstract idea, the embodiment of my dream university, but a real, tangible place. I had just driven across Canada with a friend from back home in Toronto who was also studying out west. After almost a week in a car with […]

An international Student Going Back Home for the First Time – Part II

The first week back home ended wonderfully in the beaches of Southern Albania. I was able to get a boat tour of many near by beaches, swim for long periods of time, and even go kayaking. After one year of taking different classes and doing multiple jobs during summer, this vacation was just the perfect […]

It’s All Greek to Me!

Hello once again, faithful readers, As this month is slowing coming to the end, I deciding to write about my experience with this block, and how it has altered my perception of things. As you might have guessed from the title, this I took a course in Greek. And not just modern Greek, mind you. […]

A Quest for the Sky

I love space. Everything to do with it, everything in it, and everything about it. To me, space represents a challenge for our species, and is just waiting out there to be explored and learned from. This is also kind of what Quest represents to me on a personal level. Quest is a challenge, and […]