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Memory Class

One of the great things about the Keystone project at Quest is the ability to be so flexible with what you want to do. After writing a long paper on memory research and various memory models I could have been content, but I wanted to do more. To that end, this month I have been […]

A Colorful History of Math

Walking through the stacks of math books at the Simon Fraser University library, my project partner and I were unimpressed. Our History of Math class had come to SFU for a field trip where we were meant to find books directly related to the final project we had chosen for the block. We spent hours flipping […]

Body Love Gala

The Quest Body Love Club hosted their first body love week. The week included “Take What You Need” and Anti-Body Shame posters all over campus, a screening of the movie “Miss Representation” followed by a discussion, and at the end of the week a Body Love Gala. The Body Love Gala was hosted on the […]

Quest Rugby Tournament at SFU

Last weekend, Quest participated in its second ever Rugby 7’s tournament hosted at Simon Fraser University in Barnaby. It was a cold, foggy Saturday as Quest’s fledgling team squared off against five other universities. This tournament is the second of three tournaments held this year as part of a new Rugby 7’s league, formed just […]

Squash: A New Hobby at Quest

Throughout my life I have always had a deep passion for racquet sports, from tennis, table tennis and now… Squash! A couple of weeks ago I was having dinner at my host family’s house (If you would like to know more about the Host Family Program at Quest, click here). During dinner, my host sister […]

Banff Mountain Film Festival – World Tour

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour came to Quest! A local shop in town called Escape Route hosted the organization in Squamish and Whistler. The show in Squamish was shown here at Quest, our multi purpose room was packed with a diverse group of local Squamish residents, and few students. The purpose of the […]

“A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer”

For the past seven years, students at Quest have helped raise awareness about violence against women through a Valentine’s day production of the Vagina Monologues. This past weekend, a group of about 20 students put on “A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer” to combat violence against women not only through awareness but […]

Choosing my Academic Path

Quest is a unique university since it does have one-word, pre-programmed majors. Instead, all students formulate their own majors in the form of a Question, which is influenced by our own academic passions, outside interests, and career goals. Students near the end of the Foundation Program must take a block dedicated to the development of […]

Explorations in Exercise Physiology

In December, I completed my Question block, ending with the Question “what are the physical determinants of resilience?”. I’m really interested in how people work, both in their anatomy and psychology, so I want to look at how exercise can make us better able to respond to stress. As you have probably seen from other […]

Yoga at Quest

Everyone at Quest has their own way of bringing balance into their lives. For me, and many other students (and tutors!), at Quest, that balance comes partly in the form of Yoga. Some mornings, and most afternoons, student or faculty led Yoga and mindfulness classes take place in our new 5th floor Ossa Yoga Studio. […]

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