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Quest, Particle Accelerators & Pharmacogenomics — what?!

This past week I travelled to Vancouver with my class, ‘Drugs, Vitamins & Antibiotics’ to learn more about some pretty cool science! The first half of the field trip was spent at TRIUMF, at the south end of the UBC campus. TRIUMF is a nuclear particle accelerator. This spins negatively charged hydrogen at 75% of […]

Biodiversity in the sunshine – or not

I’ve learned a lot so far this month, but the most memorable thing may be that biodiversity is best in the sun. Biodiversity of British Columbia, one of the foundation life science courses at Quest, is one of the most sought after classes to take – at least in April and September. This March though, […]

Women of Aviation World Wide Week

I love flying, as a matter of fact I have always loved it. When my brother and I were young we had numerous airplane toys, pilot dolls, and even build-you-own runway blocks. We would endlessly talk about airplanes and even dream of becoming pilots one day. We would always ask our parents to go on a […]

Quest Writers Conference IN THE NEWS!

The Squamish Chief, a local newspaper, recently published an article about the Quest Writers Conference happening this summer! They interviewed Jessamyn Smyth – the founder of the Conference – who gave insights into the fantasy that this conference will be for artists. Check out the article below: “It is meant to be a writers’ fantasy week.” Jessamyn […]

Career Week was here

This year’s Career week took place from March 2nd to March 6th. Throughout these dates, the school was full of activities that provide students with the skills and the contacts for entering the job field they want to be in. I decided to sign up for three workshops. The first one was called “Resumes and […]

Learning French at Quest

Bonjour tout le monde, Je m’appelle Poema et je suis étudiante à Quest Univerity Canada. About four weeks ago I embarked on a new journey, a journey that I had been planning and thinking about for many years. I started to learn French! I have always really wanted to learn French. Therefore, I tried multiple […]

Off-Campus fun: Valentine’s day with Ben Howard

No plush toys, cheesy letters or chocolate (maybe just a little chocolate) this past Valentine’s day. Instead I got to enjoy an intimate heart filling live concert from Ben Howard. Even though I am a long way from home (El Salvador) I count on the good fortune of having two of my best friends around an […]

Adventures in Portugal

In just two days I will be flying into Bhutan to start an exchange with one of Quest’s partner universities, the Royal Thimphu College. Until then I am staying in a hostel in Lisbon, Portugal and am having my first european experience. I have been here for seven nights already and a few days ago I finally figured out […]

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Quest

This year there were several events organized at Quest to celebrate Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year was on Thursday February 19, but being busy with the end of block course work, a number of students organized events on the weekend to celebrate the lunar New Year. On Saturday a number of the international Chinese […]

The Sun Is Out And So Are We

Sitting inside a classroom on a hot sunny day can sometimes make you feel like you are missing out on something. So why not have class outside? Fiftieth of us were in our morning calculus class going over material from the previous homework set, when our tutor said, “let’s take class outside today”. What a wonderful idea! We […]

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