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Quest University


After a few months, I can safely say Quest did an amazing job at selecting the 4 best people to live together. I still don’t know what was in common between our residence applications but something definitely clicks. I know when I was thinking about university, one thing that made me really nervous was the […]

It’s Symbolic

I’ve never lived outside of Canada for this long before. Three weeks into my exchange semester abroad at Amsterdam University College, this is the first time in my life that I’ve been foreign. I feel it more strongly than I thought I would. It isn’t just that my sense of humour relies primarily on puns […]

David, Dartmouth, and the Future of Higher Education

Designing a university from scratch is not for the faint of mind. Take a listen as our president, Dr. David J. Helfand- who possesses the questioning powers of Socrates, the charisma of Dumbledore, and a beard to rival the two- discusses the challenges of educating undergraduates in the 21st century at Dartmouth. If this has […]

Block Break with the Adventure Club

While I was travelling all over Ontario missing my home back at Quest, a friend and current student, Tucker Sherman, posted this awesome video from the Adventure Club’s trip to Elfin Lakes. This particular adventure club trip means a lot to me because it is what I did during my first block break at Quest. […]

Pacific West Coast Summer!

This summer was my first summer actually spent in Squamish and I must say I cannot get enough of the West Coast summer lifestyle! All four years that I attended school here at Quest, I chose to return home to the Okanagan to work and play over the summer. However, this year working in Admissions, […]

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