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Experiential Learning in Medica Kosova (NGO)

In January, more than 6 months ago, I took the Question Block. Quest University Canada offers only one degree, that of the Bachelor of Liberal Art and Sciences. However, every student at some point during their second year takes a class called Question Block, where he or she comes up with the an interdisciplinary question. […]

Classics in the Aegean: Travelling to Turkey and Visiting Ancient Sites (Part 1)

A few months ago, I heard a few students students talk about a Quest trip to Turkey, where they would visit legendary sites of the Aegean and learn in the cradle of civilization. I am amazed and excited since I am very interested in such topics. For many years now, I have wanted to visit […]

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Interview with Quest Alumna Ally Just

This month I interviewed Ally Just, who graduated from Quest in 2013. E: Where are you from? A: I’m from Toronto, Ontario. And I moved into Quest when I was 17, right after high school. E: How did you hear about Quest, and why did you choose Quest? A: I found out about Quest online. I […]

Math Tutor Receives a Prestigious Award

Our outstanding mathematics tutor, Glen van Brummelen, has received the Mathematical Association of America’s Pacific Northwest Teaching Award. This award is given out annually to a mathematics professor from across the Pacific Northwest, which happens to be the largest geographic section of the MAA (including over 130 colleges and universities from Oregon to Alaska). This […]

Community Day 2015 – Into Our Wild

Quest prides itself on its close community, and it’s something that I often blog about. The constant events and sports games serve to bring together students from all years. Inevitably, as Quest grows, the strong sense of community lessens. But, even though the campus is growing, the school puts in effort to keep us close, […]

So Many Variables

Sometimes you are in a class that is really easy to talk about with other people. For example, a few of my friends are in a class where they study global warming, and the stuff that they learn makes it really easy to talk about their class. The people they talk to find it interesting, […]

Student Speaker Series!

      One thing I really enjoy about Quest is the learning that goes on outside the classroom. Everyone brings such different knowledge, that is clear to see during time outside the guided class time. This year Emily a floor-rep has decided to open her room up and organize The Student Speaker Series. It […]

Amateur Ethnobotany at the Squamish Estuary

Last week on a particularly sunny (but still cold) November afternoon, a friend and I took a trip down to the Squamish Estuary. Just about five minutes from campus, the estuary is easy to get to after class and still feels a world away from everything that’s happening on top of the hill. I had […]

Block Break Retreat on Daisy Lake

The Sea to Sky Retreat Center, just north of campus on Daisy Lake, may be the most relaxing place to spend a block break. Surrounded by Garibaldi Provincial Park, the SSRC, or “Buddhist Center,” as it’s known among Quest students, provides the perfect atmosphere for some reflection, meditation, and connection after a busy or stressful […]

Cognitive Development

In my pursuit of following all things related to the brain and behavior I’ve been in the class “Cognitive Development” for the last month. As things start to wrap up, it’s pretty incredible to realize just how much I’ve learned about children and their cognitive abilities. At other schools this is the type of class […]

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