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The Great War, an interesting class

Never thought you’d see an article about digging a trench at Quest, did you? It was all part of Andre’s The Great War, where students explored the cause and effect of World War 1 through first hand accounts and subsequent inquiries. It was an amazing class with a lot of reading, and some really cool demonstrations […]

Winter Wonderland

Through the duration of this winter, Squamish has seen next to no snow. Instead, we got lots of rain! However the rain has not been totally unpleasant, for when the clouds clear away and we get some sun, the mountain tops look exceptionally nice. This past Thursday was one of those days. Looking at the […]

The Twelve Things Of Awesome Part 1

Seeing as we have reached the halfway point in January, I figured it would be a great time to reflect on some of the things I did last semester… SO HERE IS THE FIRST HALF OF MY TWELVE THINGS OF AWESOME! (It’s like my own personal rendition of the twelve days of Christmas, except not […]

A Quest for the Sky

I love space. Everything to do with it, everything in it, and everything about it. To me, space represents a challenge for our species, and is just waiting out there to be explored and learned from. This is also kind of what Quest represents to me on a personal level. Quest is a challenge, and […]