Summer living in Albania

For as long as I can remember, my summers have always included a trip to nearby, beautiful cities of Albania. Long walks in the beach, volleyball playing with neighbours, big lunches, long hikes, and warm, sunny days are just a few of my favourite memories. Perhaps this explains why often in the midst of school assignments, […]

Refreshed For The New Term!

After 4 months of intense blocks at Quest, it was nice to have a few weeks back home with family and friends. Some students take this time to go on an adventure while others go back to what they call home to spend time with their families. I decided to spend the weeks in Bellingham […]

Shropshire Music Foundation

  Writing blog posts for the Quest blog is one of the main reasons why I love being an Ambassador. I am able to write about my family, places I have visited, fun things to do on campus, reviews about different restaurants, and organizations I have been part of. I realize that sometimes (very often) […]

Quest University Blood Drive

Lets talk about blood. Conceptually blood is a cool thing right. I mean, each individual drop accounts for maintaining a healthy flow throughout your body. Although blood is so crucial for the human body, we can’t produce it in large quality to save ourself.  So if humans can’t survive without the use of blood, how […]

Feeling Safe at Quest

It was a cold December night; the kind of night you wish you were snuggled under a warm blanket drinking a hot chocolate milk. Instead, at 3:30 am I was still in the Academic building working super hard on my project. And do not get me wrong, I love working hard and feeling proud of […]

Confessions of a math hater.

I love math! No, but seriously, I now, thanks to Spherical Trigonometry, LOVE math. I hated math in high school. I hated everything about it! I hated sitting in a room for hours on end trying to figure out what the teacher was trying to say, what the point of all of this calculating and […]

Our Dancing Bear Music Festival

(Photo credit: Mikaila Brown) Last weekend was full of dancing and celebration at our annal Dancing Bear Music Festival! Dancing Bear is a day full of live music in the sun, which this year included performances by hip-hop group Sweatshop Union and DJ duo, The Funk Hunters. Students and festival goers hoola-hooped, face-painted, and danced […]

Springtime at Quest

This is the view I have right now, looking out the window in admissions. The weather keeps teasing us, alternating between pouring rain and sunshine several times per day (and for some reason, it always seems to be sunny when I’m sitting in class…). On sunny afternoons, you can usually find a bunch of students […]

April…A.K.A. The craziest block at Quest.

Students are planning experiential learning or summer jobs, the fourth years are preparing for graduation and scrambling to submit their grad school applications, and excitement about our annual ‘Dancing Bear’ music festival is in the air. We like to share this contagious excitement with admitted students who will be joining us next year. All incoming […]

A lovely visit

As I mentioned last week, I have taken this block off for several reasons. My mom capitalized on this and decided to come visit me! What better time to visit the Pacific Northwest than springtime! Having my mom come to visit from Ontario was an excellent opportunity to be a tourist and do some site-seeing. […]

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