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Spring 2015 Newsletter

The Spring 2015 Newsletter is here! Click the link below to find out the latest on what’s been happening at Quest and a sneak peak into the summer!

End of the Year Reflections

I currently have one week left of third year. It is weird. It’s funny to think back to the beginning… When I arrived on campus three years ago the current graduates were all second years. I remember how magical they seemed. I remember how difficult my first essay in cornerstone was (in reflection, it was a […]

Why Quest?

Quest is a special place – it is unique in more than one way. So, how do you figure out if this is the right place for you? Do you love beautiful views and engaging classes? Do you get excited about smart and enthusiastic professors that are passionate about their subjects? I have found that Quest […]

Quest Pool Night at Brennan Park

This past Friday all of Quest was invited to Brennan Park Recreation Centre for a POOL PARTY! The SRC (Students Representative Council) rented out the entire pool from 9pm – 11pm for all of Quest to attend. There was a hot tub, a climbing apparatus, a diving board, a sauna, volleyball playing, a kiddie pool […]

Body Love Gala

The Quest Body Love Club hosted their first body love week. The week included “Take What You Need” and Anti-Body Shame posters all over campus, a screening of the movie “Miss Representation” followed by a discussion, and at the end of the week a Body Love Gala. The Body Love Gala was hosted on the […]

Language Tables at Quest

Almost every day in the Quest cafeteria, the sounds of a language I have never spoken caress my ears. Language table are organized by students who want to have an semi-organized space to speak and learn a language. People participate in language tables because they want to speak the language they grew up with, because […]

Quest Winter Newsletter

The Winter 2015 Newsletter is now live! Be sure to click the link below to find out all that’s happening at Quest!  

Yoga at Quest

Everyone at Quest has their own way of bringing balance into their lives. For me, and many other students (and tutors!), at Quest, that balance comes partly in the form of Yoga. Some mornings, and most afternoons, student or faculty led Yoga and mindfulness classes take place in our new 5th floor Ossa Yoga Studio. […]

SRC Executive Minister Elections

Last week the Quest student body elected our new SRC Executive Ministers. Aida Ndaiye, Graham Streich, and James Blumhagen will take up their positions as President, Vice President, and Minister of Finance in the Fall of 2015. The newly elected Ministers will shadow the current students as they complete their year of responsibility, and will take […]

Student Speaker Series!

      One thing I really enjoy about Quest is the learning that goes on outside the classroom. Everyone brings such different knowledge, that is clear to see during time outside the guided class time. This year Emily a floor-rep has decided to open her room up and organize The Student Speaker Series. It […]

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