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The New President Has Been Announced!!

  After a year long search, months of dire anticipation, and an incredible teaser of a speech at the final Community Update of the year the fourth Quest President and Vice-Chancellor has been announced! I couldn’t pick one to show how excited I am so here’s another….   In a school wide email yesterday (Tuesday, […]

President David Helfand in the Globe & Mail

President David Helfand in the Globe & Mail…  

David, Dartmouth, and the Future of Higher Education

Designing a university from scratch is not for the faint of mind. Take a listen as our president, Dr. David J. Helfand- who possesses the questioning powers of Socrates, the charisma of Dumbledore, and a beard to rival the two- discusses the challenges of educating undergraduates in the 21st century at Dartmouth. If this has […]