Exploring BC: Vancouver

After the previous block ended, I was ready for some adventure. I was ready to go exploring somewhere, some place I had never been before. I spent most of the month studying inside my bedroom or working tirelessly in the Admissions Team. But after a month of hard work, my body was craving adventure. Thus, […]

5 Things to do at Quest on a Rainy Day

Squamish is one of the wettest places in Canada, averaging 178 rainy days per year. Being the outdoor recreation capital of Canada, this could be a burden as Squamish is most appreciated on sunny days, when people can be seen mountain biking, hiking the chief, and going swimming at of the many lakes in the […]

Connecting with the Squamish Community

Dispelling the myth of Quest being a university on top of an Ivory Tower, and how Quest students can get involved in the Squamish community.

It’s Field Trip Time!

Learning outside of the classroom has always been something I really enjoy and value. Right now I’m in a block called Biodiversity of British Columbia. This is a foundation class focused on the biodiversity found in the beautiful environment we live in. It’s a block that everyone at Quest needs to complete at one time […]

Stress in the block program

Feature Image Credit: http://www.cliving.org/stress%20control%20students.html Like any other university, students are under a lot of pressure to complete an essay by Thursday and prepare for a midterm next Tuesday. With the block program, this compresses the time frame. Instead of spreading out the stress over a couple of months, tutors have three and a half weeks to teach […]

Lake Lovely Water

After an intense block reading Dante’s Divine Comedy, crafting sermons, and writing my own Canto (a 150 line piece of poetry written in the terza rima rhyme scheme, for those of you who are interested), I did just what I needed to do over block break; flee to the mountains. Lake Lovely Water, to be […]

Changing Seasons

Everyone who attends Quest knows how beautiful Squamish is in the fall. Unfortunately, this is somehow still a secret to the rest of the world. The wind gets a little cooler, the nights become brisk but the sun is still hot enough to keep a smile on your face.   Fall is my favorite season […]

Block Break Adventuring

The block plan can be pretty intense! You have to be on and really focused for three and a half weeks, which is definitely tiring. But at the end of those three and a half weeks, you get block break—4 days where you can do anything you want to. Sometimes people use them to sleep, […]

Hiking at the Sea to Summit Trail

After living in Squamish for one year, I have learned that if the weather out is nice and if you have a day off, you should be going on adventures. Squamish, known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada, has so much to offer. There are numerous rock-climbing routes, mountain biking and hiking trails, and […]

Brackendale Fall Fair

The Brackendale Fall Fair was in full swing on Saturday-the first weekend of block one. The first week of classes had just ended. There were friends I hadn’t seen in four months, and places I wanted to go. Many Quest students hopped on their bike, or pilled in a car and sped down the hill […]

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