How the Mighty Fall

Wednesday. Community day. A day for fun and friendship. And it was. For a time. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let us start at the beginning, and build towards the end. This is a story of speed and hubris. Of grit and stupidity. Of adrenaline and poor choices… It was a beautiful January day […]

NY Times Ranks Squamish as #32 Place to Visit on Earth in 2015

Among the likes of Milan, Italy, Chile, Yellowstone, and other world-famous powerhouses of tourism and grandeur, Squamish, BC, the home of Quest University finds itself perched at spot #32 in the New York Times’ annual article of worldwide destinations. That’s a big deal, since our coastal mountain town ranked higher than #48 Rome, #46 Shanghai, […]

Where are they now? – Interview with Quest Alumna Jessica Pacunayen

Before coming to Quest, I was very curious as to what the graduates were doing, whether working, travelling or in graduate studies. I was nervous that the Quest degree would not be accepted, and that I would be wasting four years of my life. After experiencing the Quest program, and talking with many alumni, that fear […]

The Great War, an interesting class

Never thought you’d see an article about digging a trench at Quest, did you? It was all part of Andre’s The Great War, where students explored the cause and effect of World War 1 through first hand accounts and subsequent inquiries. It was an amazing class with a lot of reading, and some really cool demonstrations […]

Baby it’s Cold Outside

At this point, I’m alone in the office, gazing out as wind chases leaves around campus and sun shines off the snow-covered peaks surrounding campus. Winter break is always a lovely time for Quest students. After spending four blocks studying hard, they get several weeks to take a break, enjoy some time off, and see […]

Adventure Club’s Avalanche Training

Quest students tend to get restless during the rainy fall. The long-lasting drizzle holds back prospects of skiers, snowboarders, and climbers alike, with both soggy slopes and wet cliffs. Campus becomes an excitable place for many once October begins to cool down. The access to great backcountry terrain gets many first-timers like me antsy to […]

Amateur Ethnobotany at the Squamish Estuary

Last week on a particularly sunny (but still cold) November afternoon, a friend and I took a trip down to the Squamish Estuary. Just about five minutes from campus, the estuary is easy to get to after class and still feels a world away from everything that’s happening on top of the hill. I had […]

Winter is here!

The days are getting shorter, holiday drinks are appearing in the café, and temperatures are dropping. Most of the time on campus it doesn’t get cold enough to snow—although we did get a light dusting this weekend. But when it’s raining down here in Squamish, you know it’s snowing up in Whistler. And that means […]

Clear and Crisp

The past week has been beautiful in Squamish! It has been all blue skies, with no cloud in site, yet very chilly. As you can see above, we were all excited about the sunny forecast. With the rain that tends to hit in November, and the blues that seem to come around, a sunny week […]

Block Break Retreat on Daisy Lake

The Sea to Sky Retreat Center, just north of campus on Daisy Lake, may be the most relaxing place to spend a block break. Surrounded by Garibaldi Provincial Park, the SSRC, or “Buddhist Center,” as it’s known among Quest students, provides the perfect atmosphere for some reflection, meditation, and connection after a busy or stressful […]

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