Experiential Learning

Helping others

I wanted to take time off from my studies to, not only grow as a person, but to travel and appreciate other cultures. That desire has led me to India. India is very well known for its poverty and lack of resources available to its citizens but what astonishes me is how caring everyone is […]

Experiential learning: Permaculture education in Africa

Third year student Julian Grant designed his own experiential block, got it approved and set off to Africa roughly 3 months ago. He returned a few weeks ago and I had a chance to sit and talk with him about his experience. What was he doing over there?:¬†Julian wanted to research the impact of permaculture […]

Follow Quest students in Antarctica!

11 students are currently on an exciting anthropological and ecological exploration of the deep (super deep) south, in Antarctica! Here are some of their photos and blog posts    

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