Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning in Medica Kosova (NGO)

In January, more than 6 months ago, I took the Question Block. Quest University Canada offers only one degree, that of the Bachelor of Liberal Art and Sciences. However, every student at some point during their second year takes a class called Question Block, where he or she comes up with the an interdisciplinary question. […]

Spring 2015 Newsletter

The Spring 2015 Newsletter is here! Click the link below to find out the latest on what’s been happening at Quest and a sneak peak into the summer! http://www.questu.ca/newsletter-spring15.html

3-D Printing: A Calculus Manifestion

Calculus 2 was the last class I expected to have a field trip for. I wasn’t surprised with our daily field studies in Squamish’s surroundings during Biodiversity of British Columbia, but calc 2 seemed like something that would only take place in front of a white board with calculators in hand. As it turns out, […]

The Wild West: Tectonics

I feel refreshed. So refreshed. Plain and simple, being a Geology student at Quest is the reason for this. There is very few of us but that makes the courses and experiences we have that much more special. Having the opportunity to study Petrology and Mineralogy in the Meagher Valley just north of Pemberton, BC […]

Statistics Everywhere!

Statistics has an interesting way of influencing almost everything you do in university life, or at least that seems to be the case for me. It all started with my class Research Methods in Social Science back in November. In the course of doing research we had to use statistics to analyze our results. The […]

Teaching Statistics

In one of my previous blog posts (from March) I talked about the collaboration between my class and the independent school on campus called Coast Mountain Academy. Ever since we worked with these kids I’ve been talking with teachers at the school about volunteering with them. This led to the development of a plan for me […]

Going Global

I was recently given the opportunity to represent Quest University in a Global Issues Network (GIN) conference. By the end of January, I was sitting in a conference room in Abu Dhabi with about 50 other conference delegates from around the world. We were split into “Global Villages” each containing about 6 students and two […]


… published. Published. PUBLISHED. Yep. Just happened. The magazine is out and everything. Scientific American Mind. Page 17. By Lila Stanners. I wrote a blog post about it a while ago, while I was in the middle of interviewing the researches and actually writing the article. A couple weeks ago, I was brought into Karen’s […]

Practice Experiential Learning -Question Block

I am currently in my Question block. It is hard. I have to evaluate my life choices and what I want to do in the future. Somehow my Question has remained the same from the first day of the block (“What conditions optimize a sense of belonging?”) We have done lots of activities in class to […]


Second year student and mentor, Eva Schipper, designed the current 2014 mentor profiles. I made a short 1-minute video of her answers to various questions that you may have. Have more questions? You will hear from your mentor in early February! The Mentor Program is for admitted students with questions about life at Quest. Who […]

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