Exchanges Abroad

Classics in the Aegean: Exporing the Aegean Coast returning home (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about the first part of my trip in Turkey, found here. This blog included stories about my travels (exploring Toronto and spending all night at the airport in Istanbul), visiting different ancient sites along the Aegean coast, going on a boat tour, attending a pottery and carpet […]

Spring 2015 Newsletter

The Spring 2015 Newsletter is here! Click the link below to find out the latest on what’s been happening at Quest and a sneak peak into the summer!

Adventures in Portugal

In just two days I will be flying into Bhutan to start an exchange with one of Quest’s partner universities, the Royal Thimphu College. Until then I am staying in a hostel in Lisbon, Portugal and am having my first european experience. I have been here for seven nights already and a few days ago I finally figured out […]

Language Tables at Quest

Almost every day in the Quest cafeteria, the sounds of a language I have never spoken caress my ears. Language table are organized by students who want to have an semi-organized space to speak and learn a language. People participate in language tables because they want to speak the language they grew up with, because […]

Home Again

I’m back from my 3-month exchange to India. As suspected, I’ve learnt more about my time away since returning than I did while there. My first day back on campus I walked around upper campus, greeted people, and spoke about my trip. I learnt that I felt less Canadian upon my return, that I really […]

A little bit of Quest in India

I have had the luck of genetically fitting into a culture I am visiting. The most culture shock I felt was when a (tall and blonde) friend from Quest visited me. At the time I did not have a phone, but knew that meeting up with him would not be a problem, as he would […]

FLAME Events Part 1

Now that I’m nearing the end of my FLAME journey, I am reflecting on some of the highlights. There have been many events on campus that I have participated in over these past 3 months. Here are a few of them: The very first thing I saw on campus was a non-profit organization renting out […]

Music Concerts in India

While in India I have attended two music concerts. The first was a large event off-campus that consisted of 3-days of big-names in India called NH7. The second was a smaller (but still large -about 8 000 people) concert on campus called Coke Studio intended to promote the big university sports event currently running at […]

Holidays in India

While Christmas in India is incomparable to Canada, due to religion and commercialism differences, I found myself lucky enough to take part in various festivities this holiday. On campus, the only sign that it is December, are the occasional murmurings of students discussing their plans to go home for the two days we have off for […]

Unsung Heroes of FLAME

The other day lights were put up in an outdoor corridor of FLAME. Much was discussed about them until the surprise exhibit appeared the following night, where we discovered “unsung heroes” of FLAME. One committee at FLAME (called “cultural committee”) went and interviewed many of the workers and put up their stories and images.   […]

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