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Quest Winter Newsletter

The Winter 2015 Newsletter is now live! Be sure to click the link below to find out all that’s happening at Quest! http://www.questu.ca/newsletter-w15.html  

Yoga at Quest

Everyone at Quest has their own way of bringing balance into their lives. For me, and many other students (and tutors!), at Quest, that balance comes partly in the form of Yoga. Some mornings, and most afternoons, student or faculty led Yoga and mindfulness classes take place in our new 5th floor Ossa Yoga Studio. […]

SRC Executive Minister Elections

Last week the Quest student body elected our new SRC Executive Ministers. Aida Ndaiye, Graham Streich, and James Blumhagen will take up their positions as President, Vice President, and Minister of Finance in the Fall of 2015. The newly elected Ministers will shadow the current students as they complete their year of responsibility, and will take […]

Knitting Club

I feel like at quest there is a club (or many) for everyone. There are currently 40 ratified clubs on campus and that number is always growing. Anyone is able to create a club and ratify it with the Student Representative Council as long as it is open to all and passed by the ministers. There are […]

Community Day 2015 – Into Our Wild

Quest prides itself on its close community, and it’s something that I often blog about. The constant events and sports games serve to bring together students from all years. Inevitably, as Quest grows, the strong sense of community lessens. But, even though the campus is growing, the school puts in effort to keep us close, […]

Chef of the Day: Feijoada Brasiliera

Even though, Quest is a relatively small university, it is home to students from more than 40 countries. Our global campus is dedicated to building a diverse student body, offering student services, and making everyone feel happy and safe. Quest’s goal, as stated in its website, is to celebrate and integrate the broad spectrum of […]

French Movie Series with Julia Frengs

Even though Quest is a small university, I am constantly amazed by the number of well-thought events that happen here. From numerous “Faculty in Residence” talks to big festivals such as Dancing Bear, our campus is almost always thriving full of excitement and enthusiasm. One of the latest events that will happen on campus every second Thursday […]

Quest’s New Resource Center: The Lumen Room

Spilling out of opposite rooms on the 4th Floor of Ossa residence stood a large group of students celebrating the newly operational Lumen Room last Friday night. It was an exceptionally busy place both in terms of people and activities, which included live music, cookie decorating, and gender-norm dissolving resources, consisting of nail paint and […]

The Great War, an interesting class

Never thought you’d see an article about digging a trench at Quest, did you? It was all part of Andre’s The Great War, where students explored the cause and effect of World War 1 through first hand accounts and subsequent inquiries. It was an amazing class with a lot of reading, and some really cool demonstrations […]

Questival: The Grand Finale

Being part of the Questival committee this year, allowed me to learn more about the hard work that goes behind planning and preparing for this event. Questival, as Barbara wrote on her blog a couple of weeks ago, is an annual end of the year celebration at Quest. Questival is one of the longest traditions […]

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