On Campus Events

Summer Program Opportunities at Quest

  Last week, Quest campus came alive through class discussions, lunch time chatter, library studying, and even some Adventure Pursuits! Nope, classes still haven’t started quite yet. Last weeks’ liveliness was due to Quest’s annual Summer Scholars and Renew Your Quest programs. Summer Scholars is for high school students in grades 10-12, some of which […]

Dancing Bears and Quest Traditions

April is a pretty spectacular block to be at Quest. Yes, most of the students are starting to get a bit burnt out from their schoolwork. But, April feels full of life on campus. The trees start to get their leaves, there are birds all over, and the sunny days finally start to outweigh the […]

End of the Year Reflections

I currently have one week left of third year. It is weird. It’s funny to think back to the beginning… When I arrived on campus three years ago the current graduates were all second years. I remember how magical they seemed. I remember how difficult my first essay in cornerstone was (in reflection, it was a […]

Why Quest?

Quest is a special place – it is unique in more than one way. So, how do you figure out if this is the right place for you? Do you love beautiful views and engaging classes? Do you get excited about smart and enthusiastic professors that are passionate about their subjects? I have found that Quest […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Usually around this time of year, a bit of a peek-a-boo from the sun is a rare and much welcomed sighting. Except this spring, we’ve probably had more days of sunshine than we have had of clouds and rain! The flowers are already out and blooming in all their rose-tinted glory, students are finding it […]

Quest’s Got Talent

Last April, my friend Emma organized the first talent show at Quest University Canada. Many students showed interest in participating by singing, playing musical instruments, and reading poems. There were various other opportunities to get involved, such as becoming a judge and helping with set up. At the end of the event, I was amazed […]


On March 15th Quest University Canada put on a production called “Manologues”. What is Manologues you may ask? Manologues is an event created last year by an Alum named Jon Farmer as his Keystone project. His goals were simple: to open up a dialogue and explore what it means to be a man. To do […]

Quest Musician Collective

Walking out of the academic building on Friday I was surprised to see a large group of students huddled under the covered area and incredible song being sung. Surrounding a set of microphones, eight students some with guitars and a violin stood in a circle singing. One student with headphones on was hooked up to […]

Spring at Quest – Events

Springtime is (in my opinion) the second most wonderful part of the year at Quest. It would be hard to argue that September isn’t the best month ever. You see all of your wonderful friends after months apart, it’s warm enough to swim in the lakes after morning class, and the sunsets dazzle nearly every […]

Quest Writers Conference IN THE NEWS!

The Squamish Chief, a local newspaper, recently published an article about the Quest Writers Conference happening this summer! They interviewed Jessamyn Smyth – the founder of the Conference – who gave insights into the fantasy that this conference will be for artists. Check out the article below: “It is meant to be a writers’ fantasy week.” Jessamyn […]

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