Summer Program Opportunities at Quest

  Last week, Quest campus came alive through class discussions, lunch time chatter, library studying, and even some Adventure Pursuits! Nope, classes still haven’t started quite yet. Last weeks’ liveliness was due to Quest’s annual Summer Scholars and Renew Your Quest programs. Summer Scholars is for high school students in grades 10-12, some of which […]

The Summer Adventures of Kestrel Kunz

The Squamish summer is already quite hot and sunny—not exactly the ideal weather for me to focus all day inside on a computer. But fortunately there are other Questies who are taking much more advantage of the Squamish beauty and heat, while keeping up with their academic duties. Kestrel Kunz is one of this year’s […]

The New President Has Been Announced!!

  After a year long search, months of dire anticipation, and an incredible teaser of a speech at the final Community Update of the year the fourth Quest President and Vice-Chancellor has been announced! I couldn’t pick one to show how excited I am so here’s another….   In a school wide email yesterday (Tuesday, […]

Spring 2015 Newsletter

The Spring 2015 Newsletter is here! Click the link below to find out the latest on what’s been happening at Quest and a sneak peak into the summer!

What is Dark Matter? My Question and the beauty of uncertainty

Every student at Quest must create a unique “Question” and create a proposal that will guide their learning and experiences they have during their final two years at Quest University. This is something that takes place during “Question Block,” a class that is dedicated to this effort. After many weeks of thought, constructive criticism, revision, and […]

Independent Studies (are the greatest)

My last class of my third year is also my first independent study. I had originally registered to take my last Humanities Foundation course (words of advice -it’s super nice to have most, if not all, of those finished off before your third, but especially fourth year). However, I found out that I would need to be […]

Confessions of a Physics Student

I get asked a lot what it’s like being a physics student at a liberal arts school. Up until recently, I haven’t really had a good answer to that since nearly all of my first year was spent studying things that weren’t physics or mathematics. This year, however, has been quite different. I’m currently in […]

Quest’s Theatre Class Presents “Peach Blossom Land”

Every year Quest tutor Fei Shi offers a theatre course on acting and directing. This past week Fei’s class staged two performances of the play they worked on tirelessly throughout the block, Peach Blossom Land. The play itself is quite unique, as it follows two plays within another story. Two theatre groups double book the […]

Art, Technology, and the Body -Art Classes at Quest

This past block was my first art class at Quest (and for years otherwise). Based on the course description, I originally imagined that it was going to be a typical academic block with more creative projects, I was nervous to discover that our daily homework would include sketching and the creative projects were going to be the […]

Quest, Particle Accelerators & Pharmacogenomics — what?!

This past week I travelled to Vancouver with my class, ‘Drugs, Vitamins & Antibiotics’ to learn more about some pretty cool science! The first half of the field trip was spent at TRIUMF, at the south end of the UBC campus. TRIUMF is a nuclear particle accelerator. This spins negatively charged hydrogen at 75% of […]

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