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Name: Chelsey Froberg

Position: Director of Admissions

About: Originating from Kelowna, BC, Chelsey came to Quest as a part of the first graduating class of 2011. After graduating from Quest, she worked as an Admissions Counsellor for the US region where she enjoyed travelling around to high schools meeting incredible potential Quest students. After two years, she went on to pursue her Master’s in Teaching at Seattle University. Upon completing her masters, she returned to Quest to rejoin the Admissions team and continue her work connecting with students and families about the unique educational opportunity Quest offers.



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Name: Andrea Stokes

Position: Admissions Manager

About: Andrea joined Quest as a Library Assistant in 2012, and quickly realized Quest’s extraordinary environment. If she were a Quest student, her Question would be “How can we promote homesteading in urban environments?” When not working, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family, skiing, running the local trails, and cooking for her hungry crew with the bounty of her home garden.



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Name: Tara Dudley

Position: BC Admissions Counsellor

About: Tara started her education with Quest in September 2010 after growing up in Squamish. Although she initially planned to move away from Squamish to complete her degree, once she heard about Quest’s program, she knew Quest was the place to earn her first degree.



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Name: Trevor Mannion

Position: Canadian Admissions Counsellor

About: Trevor Mannion discovered Quest in 2007 and fell in love with the idea of designing his own education. When the time came to make decisions about Universities in the fall of 2010, it was a no brainer for him. Trevor graduated from Quest in April of 2014, and joined the Admissions team not long after.



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Name: Kate Roome

Position: US Admissions Counsellor

About: Kate is a 7th generation Colorado native and the daughter of two Colorado College Alumni. But thanks to one well-timed encounter with a stranger at CC, she found out about Quest and instantly fell in love. Not only was the mountain backdrop a familiar friend to her, the small class-sizes and flexibility of the Question drew her in quickly.



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Name: Jenna Saffin

Position: US Admissions Counsellor

About: Jenna first visited Quest in the spring of 2008 when she was in grade 10, and decided this was definitely the educational experience she was looking for. After waiting two years to be eligible to apply, she started in the fall of 2010. Jenna’s experience at Quest was more enriching, challenging, and rewarding than she could ever have imagined, and she graduated in the spring of 2014. Jenna is excited to be a part of the Admissions team, traveling the West Coast while sharing her passion and experience with future Quest students.



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Name: Brad Klees

Position: International and Athlete/Elite Athlete Admissions Counsellor

About: Brad graduated from Quest in April of 2013 and joined the Admissions team shortly thereafter. When he isn’t adventuring in the mountains around Squamish or travelling the globe, he can be found making pancakes for dinner, swimming in the river behind his house, or napping in the sun with a book on his face.



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Name: Aimee Mahnger

Position: Admissions Data Coordinator

About: Having been born and raised in Squamish, Aimee is thrilled to move back to her hometown and become part of the Quest community. While she loves reading a good book and getting together with family and friends, time outside of work is typically spent hiking the trails with her dog, Bodhi.

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