The New President Has Been Announced!!



After a year long search, months of dire anticipation, and an incredible teaser of a speech at the final Community Update of the year the fourth Quest President and Vice-Chancellor has been announced!

I couldn’t pick one to show how excited I am so here’s another….


In a school wide email yesterday (Tuesday, May 19 2015) the new president was announced!

**Drum Roll Please!!**

Dr. Peter Englert


Dr. Englert is a highly accomplished higher education administrator, researcher and teacher with over three decades of service to international higher education institutions across the globe, Dr. Englert’s career has encompassed work as a university scholar, teacher, and research scientist in Germany, New Zealand, and the US.  As a visiting scholar and teacher, his experience includes assignments in Italy, Austria, China, and Japan.

He has received  academic degrees from the University of Cologne and was a research fellow at the University of California, San Diego. He also participated in NASA’s Mars Observer and Mars Odyssey Missions, and was an elected board member of the International Association of Universities.


That’s right! NASA! AND MARS!!!

I personally can’t wait to meet the new president and see what incredible things he is going to help us do at Quest!

To find out more about Dr. Englert, the selection process, and the departure of our current long standing President Dr. David J. Helfand you can click right here!





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