Dancing Bears and Quest Traditions

April is a pretty spectacular block to be at Quest. Yes, most of the students are starting to get a bit burnt out from their schoolwork. But, April feels full of life on campus. The trees start to get their leaves, there are birds all over, and the sunny days finally start to outweigh the rainy days again. On campus, there are tons of events. There’s skating nights, admit event, and cabaret. And then there’s Dancing Bear Music Festival (aka the best day of the year).


Students at Dancing Bear 2014. Photo credit to Elise Pearson.


Dancing Bear is an annual music festival held on campus. This is the most large-scale student run and funded events on campus and it is also a student favorite. Somehow, Dancing Bear is magic with the weather and its sunny and hot out for the event. The event is free for students, but it’s also open for people from off campus, so Squamish locals and friends of Quest students are also abundant on the Quest lawn. Each year, the artists featured range from Quest student bands to bigger names from the greater Vancouver area.


This year, the students pushed to make the festival bigger than in the past. They got bigger artists in addition to the Quest bands, they pushed advertising off of Quest’s campus, and sold 200 tickets to non-Quest students to reach full capacity for this year’s festival! There was a beer garden, food vendors, and lots of Quest students selling Dancing Bear t-shirts, painting faces, and selling their jewelry and artwork. Dancing Bear is always a Quest favorite and is a wonderful way to start to wrap up the year. What could be better than spending all of the last Saturday of school sitting in the sunshine with friends and listening to good music?


Students dancing to Quest student band The Bone Frets.



Hammocks set up around the festival are a great way to enjoy the sun and the music during the festival.


Don’t worry if you missed the festival this year—it’s a Quest tradition that proves to get better with age, so come out next year for an even bigger and more amazing Dancing Bear next April!


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