End of the Year Reflections

I currently have one week left of third year. It is weird. It’s funny to think back to the beginning… When I arrived on campus three years ago the current graduates were all second years. I remember how magical they seemed. I remember how difficult my first essay in cornerstone was (in reflection, it was a very short essay with a very broad topic). I remember how I questioned ever feeling familiar with the atrium building (now a place I’ve spent many late nights).

Now that it’s almost finished, this year, as always, has gone by too quickly.

Looking through pictures I can highlight, not necessarily the best or most memorable, but definitely worthwhile moments of this past year. In backwards order, here is a small sampling of my latest Quest school year:




My best friend, Khoya (whom I met at a Preview Day and then in Cornerstone -the first class at Quest) posing with our new artwork. A visiting tutor created this sculpture for showcase on campus. Crouching down and looking into his eyes is an intense experience.



Sharing ice-cream cookie sandwiches on the floor (Ossa Second) that adopted me this past year for a much deserving floormate’s birthday.




Sharing a “cookie cake” (notice a theme?) for another floormate’s birthday.





Self-portrait in my only art class at Quest. The class was called “Art, Technology, and the Body.” This assignment utilized photography and sketching to showcase ourselves.



The SRC Debates where people applying to be on the Student Representative Council speak about their platforms and areas of interest.




First night back from India ^ (I was cold in the Canada air and so was graciously given multiple layers of clothing).


First trip ever hiking “The Chief” (famous mountain for climbing) upon first weekend after returning from India.








Visiting Taj Mahal with parents while in India.


Dating while in India.


Spending Christmas in India (this picture was taken right after completing Christmas carols on campus with the choir).

Walking in gay pride parade in India and meeting fellow North Americans. IMG_8485


Spending time at my host family and celebrating Diwali upon arrival in India. IMG_8308

Decorating my room on campus before leaving (in October).


Working in Academic Building with a friend and leaving to see the world map and realizing that soon enough I would be in this entirely different part of the world on exchange.



Visiting Khoya’s house for Thanksgiving. IMG_8284

First open mic of the year.


Spending a night in Whistler for a friend’s birthday.   IMG_8091 IMG_8078


September BBQ (and dunk tank). Two members of Student Affairs offered to be dunked.




Second wine and cheese of the year.



More birthday celebrations via. a potluck on South balcony.



Entire class working together (Behavioural Economics) on homework. IMG_7998

Learning important lessons (“If you squeal, he gets 5 years and you get 6 months off…) = an economics experiment.



Discovering first and second year dopplegangers. IMG_7933

Spending time in the ballpit funded by the SRC.   IMG_7870

First event with the first years — Spirit Cup Olympics with the floor reps! IMG_7843


Q-Rep potluck in David’s condo, where everyone who arrived early (SRC, floor reps, ambassadors, etc.) got together right before the first years arrived after completing training and preparations for orientation.

Last September feels like a lifetime ago and it’s so funny to think that the person who experienced all of these events was me. Keystone presentations will be completed before the week is up and everyone will be moved out by the end of the weekend.

Next year I plan on spending more time and energy on things that I have discovered I value most. I want to ski more, join choir, make community on my floor, go to knitting club, take courses that are applied social sciences, work on my keystone, spend time with loved ones, take breaks, go into the woods, exercise, be creative, participate in performances like Cabaret, go to poetry circle, etc.

With my last year coming up in only 4 months.. I am looking forward to the opportunities that are ahead and grateful for the ones behind –and as for right now.. It’s sunny outside, I’m working on an independent study to plan my keystone, I have dinner plans tonight with a friend, and then potentially going to the pool for free on a Quest shuttle.

Quest, you are home.


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