Why Quest?

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Quest is a special place – it is unique in more than one way. So, how do you figure out if this is the right place for you? Do you love beautiful views and engaging classes? Do you get excited about smart and enthusiastic professors that are passionate about their subjects? I have found that Quest is a place to learn! To learn about yourself and to learn about the world around you. It is a University that really does have the goal of education rather than degree-ification. Student are here, not to regurgitate memorized facts, or jump through loops, but to learn and foster the desire for life long learning. We ask questions that we cannot answer and through critical thinking, wild and amazing new questions are brought up. It may seem silly that so much of this University is built on unanswerable questions but just try it. Ask yourself something you don’t know the answer to and just see how much it makes you think. Now, try asking yourself a question that you do know the answer to and see if that really is the only answer. Quest is a think tank; a fun, challenging, and beautiful think tank.

The people that make up Quest University are the backbones, the spine. Each individual vertebrae is a person with their own life experiences and their own opinions. It turns out that there are some crazy stories that can be told by every single student and teacher alike. In other words, each vertebrae is strong, unique and essential for the structure of this foundation.


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