Quest’s Got Talent

Last April, my friend Emma organized the first talent show at Quest University Canada. Many students showed interest in participating by singing, playing musical instruments, and reading poems. There were various other opportunities to get involved, such as becoming a judge and helping with set up. At the end of the event, I was amazed by the performances and heard lots of positive comments from the whole Quest community. Therefore, this year Emma, with the help of other students, organized the second annual “Quest’s Got Talent.”


Last year I sat in the audience and enjoyed the performances. However, this year I decided to get involved by becoming the host of the show with my friend Daniel. Even though, I did not have a lot of previous experience with hosting a show, I had participated in numerous radio shows back home in Kosovo. This show was different though, so I had to make sure to practice. Daniel and I met the day of the show, wrote simple speeches, and also talked about the event in general. We were both excited and nervous at the same time.

When I went to the event venue, third floor of the academic building, I was amazed by the work many volunteers had done. There were lots of chairs, a simple stage, decorations, and equipment. Many people start arriving as well, which made me very happy. We took lots of pre-show pictures, and then Emma, Daniel, and I had one last discussion before the beginning of the show. We talked about last minute changes, added performances, and advices in general.


Then the show began!



The first to perform was Leif Early. Who not only amazed the audience with a rap performance but also did some hip-hop choreography. The best part was when he jumped from the stage, rotated in the air, and landed in the carpet.


Next, Zuber performed a rap song. However, he previously recorded himself imitating the song of a drum with his voice, which he used as a backdrop for the performance.

IMG_9663 IMG_9670

Next, Tristian played the accordion. Tristian’s performance brought back a lot of memories to me because it reminded me when my mom use to play it when I was young. Whereas, Leif perfomed various melodies with his ukulele.


Next, it was the turn to hear some singers. Vic and Zai perfomed a Chinese song, Katie and Owen performed a country song, and Alicia an international song. Afterwards, Elise Pearon read a poem she had written a while ago about loving your body and feeling confident in your own skin.


All the performances were amazing and in my opinion they all deserved the first prize. However, there were only three prizes available, which were Sushi Sen gift Cards. I am a huge sushi fan, even though the first time I tried it was less than two years ago (click here to read about it). Our lovely judges at “Quest’s Got Talent,” Max, Claudia, and Oscar, decided that the prizes went to Elise, Tristian, and Vic and Zai.

Congratualation to all the prticipants on their amazing performances! I cannot wait until next year, to help Emma organize the third annual “Quest’s Got Talent” show.


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