Block Break: Roomate Trip to Oregon

The end of the year is just around the corner and with this comes the arrival of summer (my favorite time of the year). The departure of campus is also very close, most of the students go back home or travel during the 4 months. In my case I’m thinking of staying around in Squamish while my roommates will all go to different places. Knowing this, we decided to have a roommate trip to Salem, Oregon.

One of the things I think are really important, is having good people around you, it’s always nice to feel like you have a family. Quest picks your roommates in a very specific way that pairs you up with people who are very compatible with you. This article explains it better.

DSC_8922In my case, I’m very close with my roommates, and even though I have other friends, they are like family to me. After planning everything out we embarked on our trip. The nice thing about the block break is not only the fact that you have no homework and no class-related assignments, but that four days gives you a nice amount of time to travel around if you wish to, it’s a good mental and physical rest.

Given that Vancouver is very near, we have many means of travel as the city connects Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.30.27 AMwith many other places and borders the US. During our trip we had briefs stops in Seattle and in Portland, where we ate Portland’s famous Voodoo Donuts (they were delicious!). We also posed with the classic “Keep Portland Weird” mural, and in the process got randomly filmed for a news channel seeking footage.DSC_9046

Once in Salem we did many different things, including some hiking in Silver Falls, a place that reminded me of Squamish’s beautiful landscapes like The Chief, Brohm Lake and Shannon falls.

We also went to Salem’s Cherry Blossom Festival which is a Japanese festival with entertainment and cherry samplings. But my most favorite part was going to the beach. The weather was nicely warm and we were able to climb the huge sand dunes and explore little tide pools with sea critters.


We came back from having a super fun time feeling like we had bonded so much.  Usually your roommates will be diverse, coming from very different places, this is good because you get to know different perspectives and who knows, maybe you’ll get to visit and travel around.


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