On March 15th Quest University Canada put on a production called “Manologues”. What is Manologues you may ask? Manologues is an event created last year by an Alum named Jon Farmer as his Keystone project. His goals were simple: to open up a dialogue and explore what it means to be a man. To do this, Jon interviewed numerous people from all around the world and collected their stories and experiences. From these interviews Jon wrote up a long series of monologues that explored the themes of these stories. Quest students then performed these monologues last year at the first official Manologues performance. This year, James Blumhagen and I took the lead on organizing and planning the event (in addition to doing a performance of our own). However, instead of interviewing people and writing all the monologues ourselves we had each performer write their own piece. This created a very personal event where each performance reflected a very real part of the performer’s life and experiences. The theme of the event was arranged around the idea of exploring what it means to be a man. To that end we shared stories about a broad range of experiences dealing with all kinds of funny or serious topics.


Performing my Manologue piece. By: Keegan Pearson


Tristan exploring traditionally manly ideas/concepts. By: Keegan Pearson

Overall the event was a huge success. By sharing our own unique stories we were able to really connect with and explore the tenuous concept of “manliness”.


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