Biodiversity in the sunshine – or not

I’ve learned a lot so far this month, but the most memorable thing may be that biodiversity is best in the sun. Biodiversity of British Columbia, one of the foundation life science courses at Quest, is one of the most sought after classes to take – at least in April and September. This March though, we’ve been lucky and the sun has been shining more days than not.


Sampling at Porteau Cove


Barnacles on the shore

Last week when we made the trek a few kilometers south to Porteau Cove, there were a few clouds in the sky but overall the weather was perfect. We spent the afternoon chasing the tide with our sampling materials, counting, categorizing, and recording all the little critters (and plants) we could find.


Sofie in the sun recording some data


Laying out our sample site at the estuary

This day at the cove though, along with 2 other field trips, was in order to prepare us for the final project of the month where we design our own study. Near the end of block, we’re given a couple of weekdays and a weekend without scheduled class time so that we can sample anything we need to in the field. Our group designed a study sampling birds, marine arthropods, and plant life over the course of three days. We weren’t as lucky on the last few days with the sunshine, and ended up spending a couple soggy afternoons down at the estuary where we were sampling, but we managed to keep our spirits high throughout.


An American Robin as seen through the bird watching telescope


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