Quest Musician Collective

Walking out of the academic building on Friday I was surprised to see a large group of students huddled under the covered area and incredible song being sung. Surrounding a set of microphones, eight students some with guitars and a violin stood in a circle singing. One student with headphones on was hooked up to a computer, recording the song. Other students and faculty gathered around listening in awe. The acoustics in the area with rain in the background was an incredible way to start the weekend.   IMG_1902

Later I found out that they were recording a song for the Quest Musician Collective (an official name for the album will be chosen soon). It will be released at our annual music festival, Dancing Bear. the Quest Musician Collective CD will be for sale for $10, and also released on BandCamp. All students are welcome to contribute, work together or submit their own piece. I’m really excited to see what the final album consists of. I can’t wait to listen and have hard copies of our schools talent!



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