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Springtime is (in my opinion) the second most wonderful part of the year at Quest. It would be hard to argue that September isn’t the best month ever. You see all of your wonderful friends after months apart, it’s warm enough to swim in the lakes after morning class, and the sunsets dazzle nearly every evening. But alas, September comes only once a year. In the darkest, dampest months of winter we all yearn for the budding leaves, evening light, and chirping birds that March (or February, if you lived in Squamish this year), brings.

Along with plants and animals, the humans of Quest also seem to emerge from their hibernation, ready to share the winter contemplations with the rest of the community. It seems that every evening there is a wonderful offering from members of our community. Many groups of students have been working for months on events that they will share in March and April. I thought I would share some of the inspiration, ernest thought, and joy that has and will be shared within both Quest and the Squamish communities in the coming months.

This past weekend, students performed the second iteration of Jon Farmer’s Keystone project, The Manologues. This performance was a compilation of personal explorations of masculinity. It was very impressive to see friends thinking deeply about what masculinity means to them in a public performance.

Students from all over the world shared songs, poems, and dances from their home at the Anything But English open mic. I heard at least three languages that had never touched my ears before, and was blown away by the performances that were shared.


This coming weekend we are all looking forward to watching the Women’s Basketball team compete at National’s. We will all have our eyes glued to the game projected in the cafeteria, cheering for the Kermode’s as the compete at National’s for the second year in a row.

Poster for Women's National's showing

Poster for Women’s National’s showing

Two of the biggest events of the year are coming up in April. Cabaret and Dancing Bear Music Festival are held in the second and third weekends of April block. They are a perfect way to wrap up the school year, with students sharing carefully practiced performance at Cabaret, and both student and professional bands shaking the ground at Dancing Bear. The theme of Cabaret this year is Shift, which is sure to have inspired some incredible performances that I’m sure will be written about here. The Dancing Bear lineup promises a lineup that will have us dancing until our feet hurt. You can find more information about Dancing Bear on Facebook, just search Dancing Bear Music Festival.



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