Clear and Crisp

The past week has been beautiful in Squamish! It has been all blue skies, with no cloud in site, yet very chilly.


As you can see above, we were all excited about the sunny forecast. With the rain that tends to hit in November, and the blues that seem to come around, a sunny week was just the right medicine. That said, we must be prepared for the chill factor when walking outside. Winter boots, jackets, gloves and hats have made their way into the daily routine. I try to go outside on a walk into the forest every other day, no matter the weather. Even if it’s just a short five minute stroll in the woods as a quick break between the long list of things to get done. Getting outside is so important to me, and crucial to helping me focus while inside with my head in a book/computer. This week the ice formations were incredible. The dew on the ground combined with the frozen puddles¬†created a new beauty.


It was quite refreshing to see so many outside this week. During breaks, at lunch, and after or before classes people got all bundled up and made the time to stand in the sunshine. In the sun in was not as bad-yet still pretty darn cold. Ears were red, and noses dripping. Weeks like this help me remember what a beautiful place I live. Don’t get me wrong, the rain and fog can be beautiful, just after weeks of it…it gets old.


Lets hope that this winter brings lots of sunny days and snow on the mountains!


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