Quest University class departs soon for Antarctica!

In March 2020, twelve students and one tutor, Colin Bates, from Quest University Canada Canada will travel from Squamish, B.C. Canada to the Antarctic Peninsula to study Antarctic biodiversity, ecology, history, geopolitics, glaciology, and polar issues. Antarctica is the most extreme and isolated continent on Earth. It is also a hotbed for scientific discovery and biodiversity, a model for global geopolitical cooperation, a beacon for intrepid explorers, and an important regulator of global climate. We will witness this environment first-hand and, using a multidisciplinary approach, be immersed in the lore, science, and politics of this vast and icy continent. Supported by Quark Expeditions, we will travel onboard an ice-strengthened vessel, the Ocean Endeavor. We will cross the Southern Ocean from Ushuaia, Argentina to the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula. Once in Antarctic waters, we will study the local environment via ship, shore, and Zodiac excursions. This is a rare opportunity to experience a world so far removed from our own, it is like a different planet.